About me

I am a ’19 graduate with a double major in integrated marketing communication (IMC) and political science from John Carroll University. I am a current IMC graduate student at the University of West Alabama. I grew up in a melting pot known as New York City I have been exposed to different people, cultures, and communities and it has made me a person for others.

Being raised in the big city has made me more understanding of the needs of people from all types of backgrounds. I learned growing up in the city the importance of a stable group dynamic and the power of collective desires by society.

I have learned that marketing and branding have everything to do with creating a product that will enhance people’s lives in their society, but most importantly in their environment. My love for family and the group dynamic allows me to create messages and advertising for people that belong to collectivist and individualist cultures. I have learned that “people buy from people they trust”, my ability to form relationships with a variety of people allows me to promote company agendas to all kinds of individuals and groups.